Galapos is a company focused on business value through new approaches in financial consulting. Our delivery of positioning, naming and branding communicates and dialogues with Darwin's principle of natural selection theory: only those who adapt to the pressures of the environment are able to survive. The same happens in the corporative world. The role of Galapos is to assist companies in this evolutionary process, to be a partner and to lead companies that are ready to evolve in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, management by results and government incentives.​​​​​​​
você é esperto

Designed by @valkiriaic, 2019
Client: Galapos
Graphic Design: Artur Cunha, Beatriz Janoni, Henrique Azevedo, Raphael De Luca
Strategy: Artur Cunha, Henrique Azevedo
Naming: Henrique Azevedo, Moisés Hansen
Animation: Darius Pippi
Creative Director:  Matheus Pinto

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