Cervejaria Bellavista's Branding project was hired by a family business founded in 1924, which had its start as a brewing company back then. As years went by, the industry directed its product's portfolio to non-alcoholic beverages, leaving the brewing production behind for almost a century. After all these years, we were comissioned to help them to take up their dream: to brew. We needed to immerse into the 100 years company's history in order to recover the brewing historical imaginary and rebuild a aesthetic which should be classic as well as actual and modern. Our demands were Branding, Naming, Brand and Product Positioning, packaging design and advertising.

Designed by @valkiriaic, 2018
Client: Cervejaria Bellavista
Creative Director: Matheus Pinto
Senior Designer: Artur Cunha
Naming: Artur Cunha, Henrique Azevedo, Matheus Pinto, Priscila Czuka.
Design Team: Artur Cunha, Matheus Pinto, Priscila Czuka, Raphael De Luca.
Photos: Eduardo Souza

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