Hey there!

My name is Artur. I’m a graphic designer based in Porto Alegre, BR. I have works across the range of disciplines including branding and packaging, graphic, editorial and Digital design. I graduated from Universidade Federal de Pelotas - Pelotas, BR - with a Digital Design degree and from Hungarian University of Fine Arts - Budapest, HU, with a Graphic Design degree.

There’s been 9 years that I’m working as a freelancer and/for design studios across Brazil and Europe. I’m a branding/packaging specialist. I worked for a large range of clients, from Law Firms, Architecture Studios and Barber Shops to big national and international companies such as AB InBev, Bunge, Panvel, Café do Mercado, Fruki, Faber Castell, Grupo IESA, Grupo Moinho, Nª21, Granosquare, among others.

I'm currently working as Senior Graphic Designer at Valkiria Creative Intelligence, in Porto Alegre and I'm available for freelance jobs.

Let's talk, let’s work together and let me do what I love most for you/your company: great design.
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