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Sobrinho Hamburgers

Sobrinho Hamburgers is a burger shop from Porto Alegre, Brazil, that’s born as a Tio Burgers n’ Fritas, sister company and  brings the ultra smash burger concept to the city. The brand is designed with a retro and friendly style. For old times sake, it takes your mind to the days when we were children and used to eat a small cheese burger along with fries and a toy as a gift. Mixing retro illustration with modern typographic style, Sobrinho comes as if it was here for a long time. Sobrinho is simple straight forward and delicious. After all it’s the Tio’s nephew.


Design the Visual Identity of brand new classic smash burger brand.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Visual Identity, Packaging Design

  • Client

    Sobrinho Hamburgers

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